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Guerrilla Radio Beta Nov 20, 2009

Here is some of the information from the show.

We would like to have a round table discussion with the generations. If you are interested contact us at our email address

Party Line

Hash Tags
Hash tags are those little attention catchers that make yourself visible to many. It places you into a group which may have used the same tag and from there a person, company or whatever the case my be, will see you creating a FREE marketing availability and possible future revenue.
As a pirate friend once said, “Hash Tag it up me hardies!”

Sin City Heats up Battle for Businesses
Nevada and California Have Started Ad Campaigns to Attract and Retain Companies - and the Taxes They Generate

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Guerrilla Radio Beta Nov 18, 2009

Heres the informational sources from November 18th Show.

Elizabeth C. Economy
Director of Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations

Junior Achievement Online Holiday Auction

Many Confused By Healthcare Changes

Layoffs of Canton police may be coming
CANTON — Layoff notices could be issued both to firefighters and police officers this week.

“I’ve been told that a number of police and firemen will be laid off,” Samuel Sliman, the city’s civil service director, said Tuesday. “And I think it will be this week, but I don’t know of any specific numbers regarding them or any other bargaining unit people or management people.”

Canton council pay and benefits up for debate
City Council members get complaints about potholes, flooded basements and drug dealers. They reap praise after successfully lobbying for a street to get paved or when placing an eyesore house on the demolition list.

Good times or bad, the 12 council members and the council president get paid:

� $19,147 per year for the majority leader.

� $17,232 per year for all other council members.

� $17,976 per year for the council president.

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Guerrilla Radio Beta Nov 15, 2009

Here’s some of the links we talked about. Don't forget that you can be on live by calling in at (347) 989-1893. Remember your carrier rates do apply.

Economy builds Gen X discontent
Associated Press
CHICAGO - They're antsy and edgy, tired of waiting for promotion opportunities at work as their elders put off retirement. A good number of them are just waiting for the economy to pick up so they can hop to the next job, find something more fulfilling and get what they think they deserve. Oh, and they want work-life balance, too.

Buffett's Rail Buy Seen As Bet On Coal, Economy
In some ways, Warren Buffett's acquisition of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. conjures up an image of a long-gone era: One of the nation's wealthiest men running one of the country's largest railroads.

The Neomodal terminal

Neomodal, Stark County's ultramodern state-of-the-art facility, is designed to move your products to domestic and international markets more efficiently and consistently than your current method. Located on the regional Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway, Neomodal offers access to Canadian National Railway, the only transcontinental railroad in North America. CN has a network spanning Canada and mid-America from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to the Gulf of Mexico and serves the ports of Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama. CN also serves the cities of Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Buffalo, Detroit, Memphis and St. Louis.

World Oil outlook 2007

Strippers-on-a-truck promotion halted in Las Vegas
LAS VEGAS (AP) - Live strippers on the back of a truck is too much - even for Sin City.
A Las Vegas strip club has agreed to stop an advertising promotion that involved hauling bikini-clad exotic dancers around in a truck with clear plastic sides

Thank you Veterans

Here is the links to the topics we had discussed.

The Ohio Veterans Memorial Park, Clinton Ohio. The Park is located at 8005 Cleveland-Massillon Rd. P.O. Box 3 Clinton, Ohio 44216

Arizona foreclosure rate still among highest in the country
According to the latest report from RealtyTrac, Arizona has the third highest foreclosure rate in the country last month. One in every 135 homes in Arizona received a foreclosure notice in July.

Foreclosure filings reached 19,694 in July of 2009 which is up a whopping 17 percent from Arizona foreclosures in June of 2009 and up 47 percent from the previous year.

Biosphere 2
Biosphere 2 is located north of Tucson, Arizona at the base of the stunning Santa Catalina Mountains. This one-of-a-kind facility sits on a ridge at a cool elevation of nearly 4000 feet and is surrounded by a magnificent natural desert preserve.

New World Hotel Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

VA hospital in Stark worth pursuing
A year from now, on Veterans Day 2010, we hope Stark County’s veterans, and veterans in surrounding counties, will have heard good news about prospects for Doctors Hospital in Perry Township.

Earlier this year, county Commissioner Peter Ferguson had the inspired idea to propose turning Doctors, which closed more than a year ago, into a full-service veterans hospital.

Hey you Found Me!

Hey you found me! Welcome to Guerrilla Radio Beta. This is an Online Radio Show that talks about a diverse of topics that mainly focus a drive for you to participate in local community.

We want you, the listener, to become involved to Act Local and become involved in your local government in order to develop those progressive grass roots structures. We want to talk about that 800lbs gorilla that we’ve ignored for to long as well as good news throughout your areas. We could always use those!

This blog space will be areas were we will open discussions for you to read.
All information that I provide will be from creditable sources. I’m not one that will just start a conversation to gain or retain listeners with controversy for ratings. I am a person who wants to provide factual information and based from there, begin dialogs to develop some new foundations that will aid in our community.

We will grow our program using every social media as we can as well as setting up our websites. So you can have every advantage in being involved even with our hectic schedules.

So tune in, relax and participate by Acting Local.