Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GRB Time Warp

Hey Guys,

Thanks for hanging out with us. The time warp was a good recap of some of the things we do.

Well be back with some more like Hot Dish with Olivia and an exclusive behind the scene about the Burnsville Special Election so stay tuned in to our twitter accounts and keep the emails and tweets coming.

Catch ya on the flip side

Shane, Tori and Sam the Computer

Celebrating 1 year anniversary of show in MSP

Auto tunes

Tpain suing auto-tune maker

T-Pain, the R&B singer and producer widely credited with popularizing auto-tune, is suing Antares Technologies, the company that first developed it.
T-Pain has partnered with a new company, Izotope, and intends to promote his own voice-manipulation product called "The T-Pain Effect
Suing to distance himself from the company due to new partnership.

GRB Star Rating System

You can be so bad it is past the point of recognition – 3 star minimum
1* not worthy of mentioning
2* not worthy of mentioning
3* good food, service and atmosphere but we could make it better at home
4* good food, service and atmosphere and will try to recreate at home
5* excellent food, service and atmosphere and wouldn’t attempt to recreate at home

*Kmoto – Sushi (Savage)

Want to try out some Michelin Star restaurants in the twin cities

Tori’s Technology Corner

World Wide Web! The WWW's birthday is August 6 1991

iPhone or Anrdroid – State by State

FAA TSA blog

A college student unintentionally closed down a TSA checkpoint with his science project. He had shipped it to Omaha, but decided to travel with it on his departure.
Homemade gadgets (however cool they may be) can look like improvised explosive devices to our officers on the X-ray monitor