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The GRB Show November 27 2010

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Shane and Tori

TSA Agents, Father and Son.

Response to "Young Boy Strip Searched by TSA"

A video is being widely circulated showing a shirtless boy receiving secondary screening from a Transportation Security Officer (TSO). A passenger filmed the screening with their cell phone and posted the video on the web. Many are coming to their own conclusions about what's happening in the video which is now perched at the top of the Drudge report and being linked to in many other blogs and tweets. We looked into this to find out what happened.

Chaffetz Sends Letter to President about SLC Airport Incident Involving Pat-Down of Young Boy

November 23, 2010 10:57 AM 
Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Jason Chaffetz sent the attached letter to President Barack Obama. Rep. Chaffetz sought to bring to the President’s attention an incident that recently occurred at the Salt Lake International Airport.  The incident (shown in this video link: involves a father resorting to removing his young son’s shirt so that TSA agents could complete a pat-down of the boy.

Arkansas man sues over TSA body scanning
November 23,2010
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - An Arkansas man has filed a federal lawsuit against the Transportation Security Administration, claiming that the agency's new screening rules are detrimental to his "emotional, psychological and mental well-being."

Technology Corner With Tori

Beatles iTunes Sales Skyrocket: Over 2 Million Songs Sold So Far 

More than 450,000 copies of Beatles albums plus two million individual songs during the Fab Four's first week on sale through iTunes. 

Apple Inc. says the best-selling Beatles album in the U.S. is "Abbey Road," and the best-selling individual track is "Here Comes the Sun." The Beatles Box Set, which costs $149, is No. 10 on Apple's weekly iTunes top-10 list.


Original Apple Computer Sells for $210,000 at Auction

One of the 200 original Apple-1 computers hand-built by Steve Wozniak and sold from Steve Jobs’s garage in 1976 has sold for £133,250 (about $210,000) at auction at Christie’s in London.

It was purchased by Italian businessman and private collector Marco Boglione, who phoned in his bid.
In a bid to bring the life-saving emergency service 911 into the 21st century, the FCC is looking at letting citizens report crimes through text messages and even stream video from their mobile phones to emergency centers.

Brazilian Funeral Home Broadcasts Services Over Internet
SAO PAULO — A funeral home in Brazil is broadcasting its services live over the Internet, giving some of the millions of Brazilians living abroad the chance to say a final goodbye to their loved ones.

Released: 11/24/2010 10:55 AM EST
University of South Carolina
Newswise — Twitter -- the social media tool probably best known for celebrity rants -- is finding a more useful purpose in foreign language classrooms at the University of South Carolina.

·                                                                                                        Old terms still being used by new generations
“hang up the phone”

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November 14th 2010 GRB Show

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This is the latest video from the Today show expressing the concerns of the new TSA guidelines for airline screening.  We have a poll open asking "Will you use the MSPs Body Scanner?" Thanks for the vote.
There are  more videos about body scanners throughout the world on Utube.

What do you think?  Is the body scanners a necessary evil and do we need to just "suck it up" as someone mentioned to me.  Interesting.

We'd love to hear your thoughts of the TSA scanners and pat-downs. 

The TSA Blog
This is the OFFICIAL TSA Blog.  It sources the outcry of the rumors to acculturate events that happened.  The TSA has even linked security video with the events in question so the public can make their own informed decisions. 

MSP Stress Free?
 Hellz Yah! I am more relaxed.
Millions upon millions of Americans are stressing out.
Forty percent of the nation’s workers say they experience stress on a daily basis, according to a Gallup Poll from June. That number climbs to 50 percent among the unemployed. And the problem seems to be getting worse. Forty-eight percent of U.S. adults believe the stress in their lives has escalated during the past half-decade, says the American Psychological Association. 

Technology Corner with Tori

Queen Elizabeth Joins Facebook
I think its because of Farmville.

Tina Daunt HuffPost Contributing Editor 
Although HM Queen Elizabeth II is making her official debut on Facebook this week, some of her fans have been operating a page in her honor for about two years.
There's just one problem: the page administrators haven't updated the site since June and in their absence some very cheeky commoners have been leaving graffiti and random photos on the faux Royal Wall. 
Steve Job’s First Apple-1 Computer To Be Auctioned by Christie’s 
 written by TheBlogIsMine's Staff Writer   
A rare byte of history is going under the hammer – one of the original Apple computers that Steve Jobs shipped from his parents’ garage, which could fetch nearly $240,000.


A fun night out for the whole family.  I never got to ask Krusty how she got her own license plate.


July in Christmas: Scars and Stripes Forever

Doors open at 6:00pm, bout starts at 7:00pm
Minneapolis Convention Center
Violent Femmes vs. Delta Delta Di
Kilmore Girls Di vs. Banger Sisters

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Burnsville Elections

 From the City's website:

City of Burnsville
100 Civic Center Parkway Burnsville, MN 55337
November 2, 2010 City of Burnsville
The Burnsville City Council will welcome two familiar faces due to the results of the November 2 General Election. Burnsville voters returned incumbents Charlie Crichton and Dan Kealey to the City Council. For Crichton, first elected in 1992 to the Council, this marks his sixth election victory. Voters returned Kealey for a second term. Both are elected to four year terms and all serve the community at large as Burnsville does not have a ward system.
City Council
Charlie Crichton 10,903 36.12%
Dan Kealey 10042 33.27%
Greg Tomlinson 6046 20.03%
Paul F. Mudge 3022 10.01%
A total of 30,183 residents voted in the election, with a total of 1836 voting by absentee ballot. The City of Burnsville assembled a team of over 300 election judges and city staff to ensure that voting was handled properly and within the law. Burnsville Police provided extra security and patrol of polling locations to ensure safety.
# # #
City Council Race History
City Council
Mary Sherry 14,953 36%
Dan Gustafson 14,776 36%
Michael Esch 11,042 27%
Charlie Crichton 11049 33%
Dan Kealey 7929 23%
Dan Tollefson 7742 22%
Richard Dusterhoft 6887 20%
Liz Workman 12,972 29%
Dan Gustafson 12,258 27%
Steve Cherney 10,084 22%
Kathy Farm 6,219 14%
Jeri Willenberg 3,634 8%
Charlie Crichton 8861 23%
Teresa Daly 8841 23%
Skip Neinhaus 8365 21%
Kathy Farm 3822 10%
Jerry Willenberg 3397 9%
Dan Powers 2233 6%
Carl Covell 1210 3%
Peter J. Demos 1012 3%
Mark Edward Bullis 584 1%
Stephen Lyzenga 558 1%
Liz Workman 12964 31%
Steve Cherney 8940 21%
Steve Schofield 7708 18%
Michael Esch 6633 16%
Carl Covell 2897 7%
David K. Merriman 2656 6%
Deborah Moran 14,366
Charlie Crichton 13,078
Liz Workman 8955 24%
Charlotte Shover 7652 21%
Bob Berglund 5517 15%
Jeff Gerbino 5515 15%
Bruce Adams 3673 10%
Michael Esch 3756 10%
Gary Dukes 2117 6%
# # #