Monday, March 21, 2011

The GRB Show Travel Issue(s)

Hi guys! Sorry for hacking in your speakers. I went to take a breath and all hell broke lose. As always thanks for hanging out with us and we hope you had a good time. We’ll continue to have local to international travel stuff to chat about with our magazine cover leading the way.

Here are the things we chatted about during our “titanic” show without my joe, joe’s. ;)

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Shane and Tori

Local Travel

Buffalo Tap, Savage, MN
Wings, buffalo, elk burgers – Juicy Lucy’s, fried cheese curds

Elk Burger

Buffalo Burger

Minneapolis Food Swap – Saturday, March 19th

A defiant try for those who love homemade products. This exchange and trade of homemade goodies reminded me of the good ol’grade school days of trading my chips for your Ho, Ho but a lot better. Food, comradely and wonderful hospitality, what more could you want? Give it a try in your neighborhood.

Our trades
The Inaugural Minneapolis Food Swap | The Heavy Table - Minneapolis-St. Paul and Upper Midwest Food Magazine and Blog
 You’re no chef, but you preserve a damn decent jar of pickles. You’re no master distiller, but that infused vodka turned out pretty nice. Then there’s that whole crock of sauerkraut that might be tough to finish.
Kim Christensen (below, bottom right) feels you. Her new endeavor, MPLS Swappers, aims to help everyday producers enjoy what clogs another’s larder.

Nice pictures of all the goodies at the swap.  The cheesecakes are my favorite but I could be a bit bias *wink ;)

Staycations more popular with high gas prices this year 
When gasoline prices shoot up, it's never good for the tourism industry.
The current price surge — with gas now up to an average of $3.55 per gallon — comes at a particularly bad time: the spring break travel season, which peaks in mid-March.

Nudists camps in MN? You Betcha!

American Association for Nude Recreation

The credible voice of reason for nude recreation since 1931

On our radar of things to Do.

NASCAR Elko speedway

Toris Tech Corner

.XXX sites
On Friday, the board of directors of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which oversees the Internet's naming system, approved the creation of a red-light district online for pornographic websites. It follows a decade-long battle over such a name.
Pornographers worry it will ghettoize their sites. Although it's meant to be voluntary, they fear governments could try to mandate the domain's use, so that pornographic content is more easily blocked.
Shortage of IP Addresses – increases problem

iPhone 5 
"The iPhone 5 will keep a relatively similar size and shape as the iPhone 4 but Apple has decided to move away from the back-glass enclosure found on and move to something similar to the the fourth-generation device back of the first-generation iPhone from 2007,"

Sale on 3 GS
Upgrade for $49 with 2 year contract

Tech Supply Chain Takes A Hit Following Japan Catastrophe
Japan is responsible for 14 percent of global production in computers, and other consumer electronics. Japanese makers for certain parts, such as flat screen panels, have an ever stronger hold on the respective supply markets. Sixty percent of the world's silicon wafers--used in semiconductor chips--are made in Japan.
Some analysts predict it could take six months before the tech supply chain returns to normal. Plants run by Toshiba, Panasonic and Sony have already been struck with damage, forcing shutdowns of several facilities. Sony has closed at least seven factories so far.
Factory damage is not the only concern. Infrastructural issues in the country--involving roads and mandated power outages--could delay rebuilding efforts for affected plants, and also slow the speed of transportation for parts. Repairing infrastructure throughout the country could take years.

Twitter, Facebook Become Vital During Japan Earthquake
 Through the use of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Mixi, people all around the world were able to get instant updates on the statuses of friends and family, as well as send thoughts and prayers to those in need. A trend of Twitter hashtags such as: #prayforjapan, #japan, #japanquake and #tsunami began appearing on most social networking and microblogging sites -- some of which received thousands of tweets per second