Monday, September 19, 2011

Chopsticks and Sporks (October-feast)

Hey guys thanks for hanging out with us. Here's some of the stuff we chatted about in our last show. Happy Birthday to @tori_techcorner and follow us on twitter. We're MP3 friendly, so download and take us for a ride.

Hope you have a good day and we'll see you on the flip side.

Shane, Tori and Sam the Computer

Local Restaurants

Chianti Grill – Burnsville and Porterhouse in Lakeville (same owners)

Mary, our waitress, brought out chef to tell us about ingredients b/c we tasted Vietnamese spices. Also props go to Mary for knowing her Scotch! Thank you chief for talking with us and delizioso!

Kyoto Sushi and Hibachi

Located a bit past the Burnsville, Savage boarder this pleasant restaurant will go those extra miles to service you hospitality and wonderfully made sushi. Try the house saki or enjoy a Sapporo beer and relax in under the cherry blossom tree.

No breakfast places! Need a Bob Evans badly

Octoberfest (Octoberfeast)

Paring beers with food - not just wine anymore

Brooklyn Octoberfest

Little more bitter has nice after taste be great paring with brats

Sam Adams Octoberfest

Great anytime beer.

Bluemoon Harvest Pumpkin Ale

Great anytime beer too.

Shipyard Pumpkin Ale

Definite spices and pumpkin flavor not bad with chocolate

Dundee Oktoberfest | Dundee Beer

Little dark and bitter. Went well with dark chocolate candy

Märzen style beer


We're not much on sweet wines but when fall hits we do enjoy the a few Rieslings and ice wines.

Schmitt Sohne

Schmitt Söhne GmbH Weinkellerei settled in the small village of Longuich, located along the Mosel River in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer wine region.

If your new to Rieslings this sweet wine should give you a nice beginning to your venture.

Cannon River Winery

We haven't tried the Ice Wine yet but have had the majority of their wines including the port. We would recommend the Mancini's Levee Red. This wine is a nice cab and goes great with pastas or used in sauce and stews.

Many of the Cannon River wines can be found at the local stores.